Healthwatch Rochdale publishes findings and recommendations after Enter and View visit at Newhey Manor Care Home

Healthwatch Rochdale, has published a report detailing findings and recommendations after carrying out an Enter and View visit at Newhey Manor Care Home, Huddersfield Road, Newhey, Rochdale, OL16 3RL.
Newhey Manor

The objective of an Enter and View visit is to understand the experience of residents, their family members, speak with staff and management and make recommendations for change and improvement. Recommendations are made based on what we are told and observe on the day of the visit as well as good practice we have observed in other homes.


During the visit Enter and View representatives observed staff members treated residents with respect and kindness and were patient in their interactions. Staff members worked well together as a team, especially during the busy lunch time period when the manager also got involved chatting with residents and handing out meals.


Residents we spoke with seemed generally happy at Newhey Manor. The home had a timetable of activities displayed in the lounge and fortnightly sessions from Active Minds,  Despite this  representatives were unable to see any evidence of activities being tailored to the preference of residents and there appeared  little activity for residents to be involved in on the day of the visit with no activities being observed. A family member we spoke with seemed happy with the home and said that the staff were all really good, however they felt the lack of outdoor space let the home down a little and they expressed their wish for somewhere to sit outdoors with their family member.

Following the visit recommendations were made which included:

  • Review the initial induction period for new members of staff and provide assurance through word of mouth/poster to those who visit the home of the current training process for all new staff members
  • Asking residents what activities they would like to do in the home and use their likes, dislikes, personality and life history to develop activities and an activities programme
  • Having a ‘you said we did’ board for both residents and staff feedback to demonstrate how giving feedback can make a positive difference
  • Look at making more use of the outdoor field for residents who would like to sit outside
The manager at Newhey Manor was seen to be actively involved with the day to day tasks in the home and the people we spoke with all appeared to be happy with the care they were receiving. We would like to see more demonstration of how residents and family members can shape their experience whilst living in the home which could be achieved through our recommendations of a you said we did board and having an activities timetable that is informed by resident’s requests and their preferences
— Kate Jones, Healthwatch Rochdale Chief Executive Officer

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